Brief introduction

Alvand Niroo Eshtehard intended to make as the best company in the field of construction and overhaul of electrical machines, The manufacture and overhaul of electrical machines, the most sublime human resources management and organization in the industry committed to social responsibility in all over country.

The engineering company of Alvand Niroo Eshtehard with a history of 10 years old and with the help of academic educated Personnel and specialists, has a site with special services in the field of design, manufacture, overhaul and reverse engineering to offer.

About Alvand Niroo Eshtehard

We are proud to be at the heart of Iran’s largest industrial city and with the support of great masters of the country’s electricity, in particular way of the construction and overhaul of electrical machines, serving the industry and industrialists in our country Iran.

Company goals

short term

  • Reduce the time and increase the quality of construction and reconstruction services.
  • Training specialized human resources and to create sustainable jobs in the country.
  • Reduce the cost of components required and saving foreign exchange.


  • Increased self-esteem and sense of self-reliance in the industry.
  • In mobilization of domestic industries and provide priority needs of various industries.

long time

  • Development and acquisition of technical knowledge and technologies to design, manufacture and repair of electrical machines.
  • Superior quality products at national and regional level.
  • Cut dependence on foreign sources of supply of critical parts and essential in in country.