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Repair, sale, Construction And Overhaul Of Electrical Machines

Alvand Niroo Eshtehard

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Construction and installation of lifting magnets, magnetic brake and eddy current brake.

Construction and repair of the collector (commutator) electric machines.

Repair cells (Dynamo sheets) rotor, stator and transformer.

Reconstruction and manufacture of electric motors and generators, AC & DC.

Reconstruction and manufacture of traction motors AC and DC

Restoration of industrial high-power transformers, protection and rectifier.

Construction and replace defective parts of electrical machines.

Explosion-proof electrical motors repair.

Construction and installation of core power plant generators.

Customer satisfaction is our honor!

  • Foolad Kian Abhar Company

    Respectfully, The company expresses its consent of the wiring and overhaul a DC electric rolling stock to 630 kW power declares.

    Best Regards

  • Padide Shimi Gharb

    Respectfully the company expresses its satisfaction with the repair multiple devices and single-phase AC power 3-phase motors up to 160 kW has announced.

    Meanwhile luck in other future projects, health and further success .

  • Foolad Sahand Meysam Company

    With Respect, Foolad Sahand Meysam Company has its  satisfaction for the repair of 50 kW - 2500kW electromotors.

    with respected to your CEO (Mr. Mostafa Fallah Nejad) and all of your personnel.

  • Nab Oxygen Peyman

    Greetings and respect, We Have satisfaction with the services performed, which overhaul 750 kW synchronous electric machine production line oxygen, .argon, nitrogen has announced.

    Meanwhile, luck, health management and staff from God Almighty.

  • Mahkar Felez Industrial Company

    Respectfully the company expresses its satisfaction regarding the local repair and overhaul a DC electric power line rolled into 1.3 MW declares. Meanwhile luck in other future projects.